For Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Into Tech

The 5 Breakthrough Tips
Every Aspiring Tech Entrepreneur Building an App Needs to Know
(that No One Tells them!)

  • How to get customers for your app idea.
  • Top 5 mistakes new entrepreneurs make.⠀
  • Starting up without investors or developers.
  • The latest no-code tools to build an app.
  • My unique methods to fast-track a launch.

Hosted By Aliya Amershi
Tech Startup Coach

Founder @ Codefree App Launch


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Naveed Lalani 
Founder, Investor, Advisor, Partnerships, Career Karma,

I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Aliya and Codefree App Launch as an advisor! I’ve been in the tech and startup world for 14 years now, having started multiple startups such as a fundraising tool which generated over $500M for 60K causes around the globe, and working at leading organizations such as an EdTech company which exited for $750M and now on the early team of a YCombinator-backed startup. Aliya’s program teaches aspiring tech entrepreneurs in a step-by-step way, the depth of which I’ve never seen before. When I reviewed her materials I was so blown away that I decided to join the journey with Aliya. Her course combined with her coaching brilliantly walks you through how to solve real problems, get paying customers, and to launch without any developers, investors, or marketing agencies! Combining the power of the Lean Startup method, with the fast-growing and disruptive Codefree movement, and her own proprietary methodologies which can’t be found anywhere else, her program is truly next level. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, I’m confident you’ll find success with Aliya on your side.

In My FREE App Masterclass You'll Discover:

  • How to start getting customers for your innovative app idea without building the perfect app or a fancy website.
  • The top 5 costly mistakes that most new tech entrepreneurs make without even knowing.
  • How ambitious women entrepreneurs can now break into tech without pitching (begging?) investors or technical co-founders for help.
  • The latest no-code tools to build your app without writing a single line of code or paying a dime to developers.
  • My unique proprietary methods inspired by proven Silicon Valley processes to fast-track your app idea to launch success.

Hosted By
Aliya Amershi 
Tech Startup Coach
& Founder @
Codefree App Launch

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