For Ambitious Bootstrapped Solo Women Founders Breaking Into Tech

The 5 Breakthrough Tips
Every Aspiring Tech Entrepreneur Building an App Needs to Know
(that No One Tells them!)

  • How to get customers for your app idea.
  • Top 5 mistakes new entrepreneurs make.
  • Starting up without investors or developers.
  • The latest no-code tools to build an app.
  • My unique methods to fast-track a launch.

Hosted By Aliya Amershi
Tech Startup Coach

Founder @ Codefree App Launch


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"Aliya is an incredible Tech Startup Coach - she really knows what she’s talking about. Her training is so clear and comprehensive that even those who don’t have any tech knowledge can create their app idea."

- Amrita G.

"Aliya has honed an incredible gift - technology guidance. Her insight was not only inspirational, but also left me feeling calm, clear and empowered to building the tech product of my dreams."

- Michelle M.

"Five out of five stars across the board for me! Aliya is a very knowledgeable and thorough Tech Startup Coach. I have gained invaluable skills that has helped me in my tech startup journey."

- Pooran Q.

In My Value-Packed Masterclass, You'll Learn:

  • How to start getting customers for your innovative app idea without building the perfect app or a fancy website.
  • The top 5 costly mistakes that most new tech entrepreneurs make without even knowing.
  • How bootstrapped solo women founders can get started without pitching (begging?) investors or techie co-founders for help.
  • The latest no-code tools to build your app without writing a single line of code or paying a dime to developers.
  • My proprietary methods inspired by proven Silicon Valley processes to fast-track your launch and build a revenue generating business.

Hosted By
Aliya Amershi
Tech Startup Coach
Founder @ Codefree App Launch
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